The Community Coalition for Advance Care Planning originally convened together under the guidance of the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona. The mission of the Coalition is to provide, through collaboration and education, the resources to prepare individuals to make informed end of life choices that are consistent with their values and beliefs.

​For more information on advanced care planning, available workshops and end of life documents please visit this link.

Have you had the Conversation?

In February, a number of local community organizations participated in a presentation by Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association called Honoring a Life: Advance Care Planning Trainer. Sponsored locally by the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona, the presentation was a train-the-trainer class focused on how to have serious illness and end of life conversations with community members. The class also focused on discussing advance care planning documentation such as living wills, medical power of attorney, and pre-hospital DNR forms.

Participants included Fry Fire and Sierra Vista Fire Districts, Valor Hospice, SEAGO Area Agency on Aging, Cochise College, Bisbee Ministerial Council, Canyon Vista Medical Center, Southern Arizona Food Bank, Veteran's Administration, the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona. and members of the Community Coalition for Advance Care Planning .