Publicizing Your Grant

Publicizing Your Grant

Congratulations on receiving your grant! We look forward to seeing the good it will help you do in our region. By publicizing your grant, you will build awareness and credibility for your work while recognizing the donors who help make these grants possible.

Communications Guidelines

We request acknowledgement of the foundation’s funding in all communications related to the project, including: press releases; website content; newsletters; brochures; annual reports; or other promotional materials.

Press Releases

Many of our grant recipients successfully earn media coverage when they issue a press release about a funded project. If you choose to send a press release to your local papers, we encourage you to include a high resolution photograph by inserting it into the body of your email.

Acknowledgement Language

Please use the following language to acknowledge your grant, using the foundation’s full name:

“This [Program name] is funded as a result of generous financial support from the Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona, which is an Arizona charitable organization whose philanthropic mission is to promote population health and community wellness throughout Southeast Arizona.”

Website Link

When mentioning the foundation’s support on your website, please include a link to our website:

Legacy Foundation of Southeast Arizona Logos:

Contact, Grants Manager, for an electronic version of our logo for website content, printed materials, and other documents.